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    Dear Fellow Webmaster:
    I know there are hundreds, probably thousands of products out there making promises to increase your sales.
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    Announcing Web Elements E-Z Tools - NEW FOR 2009 !
    This is an awesome desktop software application which includes 14 different java script code generators and wizards !

    Adding exciting professional quality features to your websites has never been easier,Web Elements E-Z Tools combines the most popular proven website features into one application it's as simple as entering your information and pushing a button.

    Your java script codes are instantly generated ready to be copied and pasted right into your site, no tricky complicated gizmos and expensive software.

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Look What This Amazing Software Can Do !

     E-Z Slide Show Generator

     Advanced Image Gallery Wizard

     Advanced Color Picker

     Web Safe Color Hex Code Chart

     Dynamic Page Transitions Wizard

     Interactive Survey Generator

     Interactive Browser Event Wizard

     Custom Scrollbar Wizard

     Cursor Text Trail Generator

     Drop Down Menu Generator

     Hierarchical Navigation Menu Generator

     Animated Button Generator

     Quick Button Generator

     Rollover Button Generator

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